Pommes Frites… Saucy!

A-Tooch and Miss Yunks love fries… and don’t actually know anyone who doesn’t love fries…

It’s surprising I haven’t reported on this place sooner, not that it needs my humble opinion among the rave reviews from Yelp, NY Mag and Urbanspoon.

Pommes Frites in the E. Village is TINY, so don’t walk past it. (Shouldn’t be difficult to accomplish, considering there is a line out the door about 90% of the shop’s opening hours.) Frites come in three sizes – I always get a Regular size, it’s sharable, trust me. The real fun, though, is the sauce menu. It’s like a Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors! Personal favs include:

rosemary garlic mayo, sweet mango chutney mayo and believe it or not, good ol’ fritessaus (which is one of a few free toppings you can opt for).
(Click to enlarge)
Friends and I have concluded that the mayo-based sauces are best. (Sorry non-mayo lovers, you are fresh out of luck.) Stay away from the cheeses and ketchups, they are just plain boring compared to most of these other homemade concoctions. Hail Canada – they have Poutine too! Next on my list to try.
A hungry group…

Pommes Frites on Urbanspoon

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