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If you hadn’t already heard, Miss Yunks and A-Tooch are both CitySearch Dictators for their respective cities. What does this mean? It means we write lists and reviews on CitySearch and have opportunities to attend special parties or restaurant openings. Yes, we know we’re pretty cool. Be nice to us, and maybe you can be a +1 some day.

Last week Miss Yunks won a CitySearch contest and was awarded 2 invites to the opening party for Anthem Kitchen and Bar in Faneuil Hall. Check out my winning list here. Lucky BF got to be my +1 for this event. I had no idea what to expect, never have been to a private VIP restaurant opening, so I was very excited to attend my first!

When we arrived, we learned that there was an open bar and servers were walking around with mini samples of appetizers and entree items. To take full advantage of the open bar, I wanted to try their specialty drinks. First I tried the Champagne Cocktail – sugar cube soaked in bitters, top with champagne. This is not a drink I’d normally order. I didn’t even know what bitters were. I don’t think the bartenders did either. It took them 10 minutes to make my drink.

Well, it looks nice enough. But the taste reminded me of these nasty cough drops my mom made me take in high school. Not a good flashback. I didn’t finish this drink. And I don’t recommend this cocktail unless you have a sore throat, then it may help you.

I looked for a safer, tastier drink to remedy this weird flavor in my mouth. I found a winner: Blueberry Lemonade – Stoli Blue, simple, + lemon juice over crushed ice.

It tasted like lemonade! Now that’s a flavor I enjoy. I’d order this one again.

BF tried the Orange Blossom – Pisco, St. Germain, passionfruit puree, simple + OJ, served up.

This drink tasted like orange juice, with a kick. Very tasty and I think we’d both drink this again.

The cocktail menu ranges from $9-11.

The food being served was mostly meat and fish, which I was expecting but was still disappointed. BF was quite happy. He says the food was good, and you can trust his judgment on food. My favorite food to look at was mini hot dogs. And not the pigs-in-a-blanket you might be picturing right now. Actual mini hot dogs the size of my pointer finger, in a mini hot dog bun. Adorable.

There were some vegetarian options floating by and the servers quickly learned that I was a vegetarian and brought all the veggie options to me. There was a fried green tomato that tasted really good and not tomato-y, just how I like it. I also tasted a portobello cheese pizza. It was very cheesy. A waiter brought us another pizza too. It was topped with prosciutto, tomato, and peppers. I passed, BF ate it. He liked it. Later, a waiter had a very similar looking pizza but only mentioned the tomato and pepper toppings. I thought, Oh how nice, they made a vegetarian version. EEHHHH WRONG – I bit into a piece of prosciutto! Gross, ham in my mouth! In a matter of moments I debated, swallow to show good manners, or spit out? I spit it out. In a cocktail napkin in my hand. Sorry to the bartender who had to throw that away. Blame the waiter who left out a key ingredient!

Other than the ham incident, I liked Anthem Kitchen and Bar. The bar and tables are a classy deep dark wood and have a sophisticated feel. Half of the bar has removable walls so it could be an outdoor bar patio on a nice summer day. There is an upstairs also, but it was closed. If you’re looking for a slightly upscale bar experience in Faneuil Hall, this is your place.

We had a fun time checking out the new Anthem, thanks CitySearch!

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