Icelanders Do It Better.

Have you ever vacationed somewhere and never wanted to leave? (Yes, of course.) But how about somewhere that’s actually colder than your hometown?


A-Tooch went to Iceland. In February.

Every corner of this beautiful country looks like a page out of National Geographic magazine. One of the best parts of the trip, though, was the food. Icelanders have a culture rich in farming and agriculture. Our meals were full of fresh fish, local lamb and even puffin (sorry little guy, but it was delicious).

Now on to the most important food group: DAIRY. Iceland has bred a unique food group called skyr — akin to greek yogurt but thicker, even more protein packed (!) and less tart. Amazing.

In a quest to find skyr in the good ol’ US of A, I dropped by Whole Foods. Behold: Icelandic Provisions.

photo cred: Icelandic Provisions

photo cred: Icelandic Provisions


This stuff has 110 cals and 19g of protein in one serving! Tastes like Haagen-Dazs but with the calories of fro-yo. Next up: the kitchen test to see how many recipes skyr can be swapped into.

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