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Well foodies, suddenly here we are at the end of August and the end of summer. This summer has flown by for Miss Yunks. Earlier this month she married the man of her dreams and had an amazing honeymoon in Greece!

If you’ve been a foodie fan for a while, you may remember one of my first posts featuring Kickass Cupcakes and Dave’s Fresh Pasta.  This was actually our first dinner together. It’s no surprise that food was an important part of my wedding, and it’s also not very surprising that I went on a little wedding diet prior to the big day. I ate much healthier than I normally do, focusing on getting my daily servings of fruits and vegetables and eliminating cutting back on desserts. I was so excited to break the diet on our wedding day and eat the treats we had planned, and to go totally nuts in Greece and stop at as many bakeries as possible.  But more on that later!

Today we’re talking about Five Guys.  A week or so before the wedding, I was informed that some Five Guys locations in Boston are now serving breakfast and I was invited to try it. Not wanting to indulge before my wedding, I promised to visit after. Yesterday was the chosen day. My Mr. and I headed to the Five Guys’ located at 58 Summer Street in Boston, equidistant between Downtown Crossing and South Station.

The breakfast menu is almost identical to the lunch menu, with the addition of eggs, bacon and coffee. Five Guys serves breakfast sandwiches with any combination of eggs, cheese, bacon, toppings, burgers, or hot dogs you can imagine.


We helped ourselves to self-serve coffee, which tasted like your average cup of coffee. My lid refused to stay on my cup, however the Mr. had no coffee cup issue.

For my sandwich, I ordered an egg and cheese sandwich with grilled onions and green peppers.


Breakfast sandwiches are served on the same soft sesame seed buns as lunch. I knew the eggs were fresh because I saw the egg cartons behind the counter and we could watch the cook. However, as you can see the sandwich is oozing with cheese which really overpowered the egg. I appreciated the freshly cooked egg, but I would have liked less cheese so I could actually taste the egg.


The hot sauce Mr. ordered on his sandwich ended up on mine instead. I like hot sauce, so even though I didn’t order it this way I was fine with the mix-up.

Mr. asked the cook what he recommended for breakfast and the answer was a bacon, egg and cheese with a hot dog. So, that’s what he ordered.


His sandwich was tasty, filling, greasy, and left him feeling heavy. Shocking, I know. We also shared some regular fries and some Cajun fries.


The fries are made from fresh potatoes, fried to a slight crisp and topped with a decent amount of salt. They are the same exact fries you can order with lunch. I think Five Guys has an opportunity to offer a special breakfast potato during breakfast hours. I do like that each sandwich is numbered to correspond to our receipt. We can avoid the question “is this your sandwich or mine?” simply my seeing my egg and cheese was #1 on our receipt and had a #1 sticker.

Five Guys breakfast was just what I expected. It’s basically lunch with the addition of an egg. Five Guys has the potential to offer more than just sandwiches. I’d like a breakfast plate with an omelet, home fries and toast. They have all of the regular toppings available and it seems just as easy to put the toppings inside the egg as on top in a sandwich.  It seems like Five Guys caters to people on-the-go with their sandwich offerings.

If you love Five Guys lunch, then you will love their breakfast. Not all locations are currently serving breakfast, so check before you go!  Breakfast hours at 7-11 am every day. Thanks to Five Guys for giving us a taste!

This meal was complimentary. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Michelle Lahey
    Posted August 26, 2013 at 4:46 PM | Permalink

    Congrats on the wedding! Hope you’ll be posting photos here soon. 😉

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