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More Dessert for Brunch

Miss Yunks: a comment to your dessert for brunch postbrunch at the chocolate mancombines it allyou get a side of chocolate with your eggs hahaA-Tooch: yum! have you been?Miss Yunks: yeah!I went with ericaA-Tooch: oo la lathe one by union sq?I’ve heard of itMiss Yunks: yeahoh so goodI got scrambled eggs and they were goodand [...]
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Dessert for Brunch

After a pretty uneventful weekend in Rhode Island (and lots of chowder + seafood) A-Tooch returned to NYC to do what people do best here, eat brunch. The fact alone that the name is breakfast/lunch combined shows how confusing this meal can be. Though most fellow brunch-ers seem to opt for breakfast, I am always [...]
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Rhode Island Breakfast is A-OK

Bonus points to Rhode Island diners, for serving A-Tooch an A-Plus breakfast this weekend. At The Breakfast Nook in Wakefield, RI the daily special on Sunday was “Chunky Monkey Pancakes.” Bananas, chocolate chips, walnuts. Delicious. A picture can’t really do this delicacy justice, but I did find a recipe from none other than famous (eccentric) [...]
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What to do this Weekend

Italian Festival, of course! This weekend come to the North End for the Feast of St. Anthony Festival. View more details here: This is a great opportunity to sample Boston’s North End’s best eats. Now pray it doesn’t literally rain on your parade. Have your own weekend tips? Post a comment!
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Indoor S'mores

Place 2 cinnamon graham cracker squares on tin foil. Spread milk chocolate chips (or chocolate of your choice) over grahams, top with marshmallows and carefully place on rack in toaster oven. Watch the toaster to avoid burning!! Eat. Repeat as desired. No campfire necessary to enjoy these tasty toasted treats!
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We’re All New Englanders This Weekend

A-Tooch is getting an early start this afternoon on her trip up to Rhode Island, where she will spend Friday on the beach instead of at her cubicle. Reviews of New England cuisine to follow (preferably clam chowder and this little guy to the right–>)
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Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

No wait – Miss Yunks does not eat peanuts and Cracker Jacks! But she does love eating other junk at baseball games. I don’t think anyone would be surprised to hear that she is more a fan of the ballpark food than of the actual baseball. So, what’s a vegetarian to do surrounded by hot [...]
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Cupcakes are Taking OVER!

A-Tooch: dude how did we miss this article last week?! you know there’s a cupcake store in nyc called ‘baked by melissa’?!?!Miss Yunks: that sounds familiar…i think they had a photo contest recently…A-Tooch: ah! we have to go! and the cupcake tea at the ritz?Miss Yunks: wow it really is amazing how many cupcake bakeries [...]
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