We all need a little pick-me-up sometimes. Miss Yunks was addicted to coffee for a couple of years. She got an unbearable headache if she didn’t drink coffee within an hour of being awake. This was a huge problem on weekends. Sleeping in was no longer an option. She’d have to wake up early, drink coffee, and then go back to sleep. Really not an ideal situation. So, she decided to quit coffee in effort to get more sleep. Ironic, no? One day, Roomie’s birthday to be exact, Miss Yunks skipped her morning coffee. This event was followed by the usual unbearable headache. She gave in. She went to Starbucks and ordered a coffee. This day was different from all other days. After drinking this coffee, Miss Yunks’ headache became worse than before. It was so bad, like a fire lit in her head that couldn’t be stopped. That was it. She quit coffee for good. Or so she thought.

She switched to tea for 4 months. No headaches, decent amount of caffeine, life was good. Then out of nowhere she started CRAVING coffee. She let the craving build up for a few weeks before acting on it. Then one sleepy morning she stopped at Starbucks on her way to work and ordered a Skinny Vanilla Latte. It was delicious. No headache resulted from the latte. The next day, she returned for another fix.

A tall coffee please!
Can I get you anything else? The girl behind the register challenged.
Okay fine, a vanilla cupcake please.

With a judging glare from the girl, Miss Yunks took her cupcake and coffee. Does no one order cupcakes before 8:30 am? Big deal!

Anyways – Miss Yunks is re-addicted to coffee. Starbucks, specifically. And Starbucks’ cupcakes are fantastic. The cake tastes fresh and moist and really tastes like vanilla. The vanilla frosting is creamy and buttery and the sugar sprinkles give it a little something extra. The pink cupcake liner seals the deal.

And speaking of Starbucks – Bring an empty coffee mug to Starbucks tomorrow, April 15, and receive free coffee! The cupcakes will cost you extra. See here for more details:

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