Homemade Snickers & Milky Ways

Desserts are so fun to create. Whenever Miss Yunks makes a new complicated dessert, she likes to look at the finished product and admire it. Just a little while ago this was only ingredients! The science of baking is almost as interesting as the taste. Although, this dessert doesn’t bake. And the ingredients are unique in that they’re so similar to the final product, but they take on a new form.

Homemade Snickers and Homemade Milky Ways. Miss Yunks’ bf found the recipe on a site we’ve used before – Instructables.com - and said he’d like to make them one day. Randomly, VeganMike showed Miss Yunks the same recipe the next day. If the recipe for homemade snickers fell into your lap 2 days in a row, you’d probably get the same idea. I better make these! And surprise the bf while he’s preparing for the end of law school! And so that’s what I did. But, during the process, I knew the snickers were going to be amazing and were one of the more special desserts I’ve ever made. I wanted to share it with more people. I gave some to my parents. That was easy. I sent some in the mail to A-Tooch in NYC and some to my sister in Philadelphia. That was less-easy! But now that everyone has received their surprise homemade candies, it’s safe to blog about them!

Let’s start at the beginning.

Start with some of the most delicious ingredients! Before we continue, I’ll just mention that I don’t like snickers. I don’t like peanuts or peanut butter. People are always confused that I don’t like either, which confuses me since they taste the same. I decided to make some Milky Ways for myself, so I can’t say this dessert was totally selfless. Because of my dislike for peanuts, I left out the peanut butter that the recipe says to include in the chocolate layer. These candies are labor intensive enough I was not about to melt 2 separate chocolate batches.

I made my candies in cupcake liners because I thought that’d be easier to distribute than making them in bar form. To make the first layer, I melted milk chocolate chips and butterscotch chips and poured the melted mixture into 24 cupcake liners.

Here’s a spoonful of melty chocolate:

The nougat layer is made from butter, condensed milk, sugar, and fluff. I may have added too much fluff.

Next is the caramel layer.

For the Milky Way cups, I poured in the melted caramel:
For the Snickers, I mixed in chopped peanuts:
But even for someone who doesn’t like peanuts, they didn’t look peanut-y enough. I added a few extra peanuts to each cup.
Lastly, I topped each cup with a final layer of chocolate mix.

No baking is required! The cups set in the fridge between each layer and at the end it sets all together.

I gave the Milky Way a taste.

Looks good from the outside!

And from the inside -
even better!

My first bite of my Milky Way was so good that I literally forgot about all of life’s problems and only thought about this amazing sweet sugary chocolaty nougaty goodness that filled my soul.

I’m very proud of my Snickers and Milky Ways; they’re definitely one of the more impressive desserts I’ve ever made! Toot! Toot!

Everyone who’s tasted them has loved them too! A-Tooch called me and said, “I had to call you and tell you how good these are. They’re too good for a text!”

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