Chocolate Peppermint Marshmallow Candies

You know when you see a photo of a perfect holiday dessert and it just yells out to you “make me!” “pick me!” “love me!”

Well, that happened to Miss Niss when she saw the recipe for Peppermint Marshmallow Cream Cups on Lemons for Lulu.  I really should’ve been packing for my upcoming move.  But, I couldn’t get these marshmallow cream cups out of my head and I was determined to use my mixer one last time in my current kitchen.  Tackling marshmallow cream for my first time was going to be the last thing I did to procrastinate packing.  I really don’t like packing.

I really do like licking the bowl clean after making this marshmallow fluff.


See how sticky it is?  After filling each mini chocolate cup, I couldn’t put down my spoon and ended up shoveling sweet bite after sweet bite right into my mouth.  Sugar heaven.  And before I knew it, the mixing bowl was clean!

It was the idea of the peppermint marshmallow cream cups that intrigued me, but as I read the recipe I got a little apprehensive about eating raw egg whites.  I felt a little crazy for being nervous about it, since I searched for other recipes and all recipes are very similar; it must be okay.  However, I found another recipe for marshmallow fluff.  This recipe involves pouring hot sugary syrup into the egg whites, which in my head means that the egg whites are not completely raw anymore.  I decided to use this fluff recipe instead.   I added crushed peppermint candies and vanilla extract to the fluff, just like I would have to the marshmallow cream.

The end result?


Pretty and delicious candies to share with my family at our early Hanukah dinner.


Be careful who is around you when you enjoy these delightful little bites.  They are very messy and you will get chocolate and marshmallow all over your fingers and your face.  It’ll all be worth it though.

I used Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips for my chocolate.  I loved these candies, just like they told me I would!  I would use more peppermint next time though.  The chocolate is so chocolatey that the peppermint marshmallow almost gets lost.

Mostly, I’m excited that I can make my own marshmallow fluff now.  It was fairly easy too.  You just need some patience waiting for the egg whites to firm up and the chocolate to freeze.  My mixer may be packed away by now [okay fine, it’s not. I’m really bad at packing], but I have big plans for it in my new kitchen.  Coconut marshmallow cream cups…marshmallow fluff filled cupcakes…marshmallow fluff whoopie pies…spoonfuls of marshmallow fluff…you see where I’m going with this.  The possibilities are endless.  It’s going to be a sweet new year in my kitchen!

What new-to-you holiday desserts have you made this year?

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