Besito – Chestnut Hill

We love Mexican food here at The Foodies.  Guacamole? Yes please. Salsa with a spicy kick? Bring it.  Tres Leches cake and crispy, cinnamon sweet churros? We’ll say yes every time.

I don’t often shop at The Chestnut Hill Mall; it’s a bit of a schlep from my home.  But, I was there a while ago and noticed a new Mexican restaurant, Besito.  Always intrigued by a new restaurant and especially Mexican, I promptly accepted my invitation to dine there.  Besito was very accommodating with my schedule and after a very busy December and first half of January, I was finally able to enjoy a meal at Besito last week.

Although right at The Chestnut Hill Mall, there is no entrance from the mall to Besito.  You can only enter from the parking lot, which makes you forgot that you’re even at a mall once you step inside.  Besito feels bright inside, yet the lighting is so dim that we were given little flashlights to help see the menu.  I have to assume they do this for everyone and didn’t notice me using my iPhone flashlight to read it, because that’d be embarrassing.


I studied the menu before arriving, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the guacamole.









Our waitress did an excellent job making our Tableside Guacamole.  It was full of flavors from the fresh cilantro and tomato, and the avocado was perfectly ripe.  I wish you could see the ideal shade of green in this photo, but since the lighting is so dim you’ll just have to try it for yourself.

We also enjoyed the salsa and tortilla chips.  The salsa tasted so fresh and had just a kick of heat, which is perfect for me.  The warm tortilla chips are lightly salted and act as a delicious shovel to for the guacamole and salsa.


If you like margaritas and pina coladas, then you’ll love the drink I had.


The Cocoloma had coconut tequila, cointreau, grapefruit soda, agave nectar, and fresh squeezed lime.  It was fantastic.  My Mr. enjoyed his traditional margarita.

Our entrees were another big hit.  Honestly, this meal just kept getting better.  And my stomach just kept getting bigger.



IMG_0651I ordered the Vegetales Iron Skillet Taco,baby spinach; crimini and button mushrooms, goat cheese, avocado salsa verde, chile de arbol salsa, avocado.  The goat cheese was unexpected on a Mexican menu, and I loved the tart dairy bite to cut the heat of my tacos.  We also ordered a side of Elotes de la Calle, roasted Mexican street corn with queso fresco and chile molido.  Roasted corn is so delicious on its own, and the queso fresco and chile molido bring it to a whole other, spicy – but – not – to – spicy cheesy level.

For dessert, I swayed from my usual chocolate choice and opted for the tres leches cake.  I was in the mood for lighter flavors after such a decadent meal.


The tres leches cake was like a creamy, vanilla, dairy soaked pound cake topped with fresh whipped cream and berries.  I know this wasn’t exactly a light dessert if we’re talking about calories, but the light vanilla flavor was the perfect ending to this rich Mexican meal.

Or so I thought.

A bite of the complimentary cinnamon sugar churros was actually the perfect ending.


That, and these adorable Wish People to take home.


Did you have these little dolls when you were a child too? I had a half dozen or so in a little wooden box.

My Mr. and I had a fantastic meal at Besito.  The food and the service were both wonderful.  If you find yourself in the Chesnut Hill area, or near their other location in Burlington, I recommend you stop in for a meal.  If you’re not in the area, you can trust me that the experience is worth the drive!

What new restaurants have you enjoyed lately?


This meal was complimentary.  All opinions are my own.

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